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Dragon Fishing II Review & Free Demo

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JDB Dragon Fishing II Game is a fish shooting game by JDB, read our review and play JDB Dragon Fishing II demo game to discover how to win at Okbet.

Dragon Fishing II presents an irresistible blend of skill and excitement, welcoming players to a captivating underwater journey. Placed in a realm where the legendary dragon king rises, the game entices players to wield lightning, unveil vulnerabilities, and discover priceless treasures.

With its vibrant gameplay mechanics and an arsenal of formidable weapons, Dragon Fishing II pledges an exhilarating venture abundant with strategic intricacies and gratifying obstacles.

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Table of Contents

Free Demo: Dragon Fishing II

5 Dragon Fishing

Dragon Fishing II Details & Information

Software JDB
Type Video Arcade
Max Win 1800X
Sit Per Table 4
Min Coins Size 0.10
Max Coins Size 1

How to Play Dragon Fishing II


OKbet - 5 Dragons Fishing - Interface - ok4bet.com

Discover how to play Dragon Fishing II with the guidance provided in our comprehensive guide, including Grasping Game Mechanics, Placing Bets and Understanding Paylines, Selecting Game Rooms.

1.Grasping Game Mechanics

  • Auto Shoot Feature (Target Control):
    Dragon Fishing II introduces an intuitive auto-shoot function, simplifying gameplay by automating the targeting system. This streamlined shooting experience allows players to concentrate on strategy and accuracy.
  • Weapon Selection:
    Players can choose from a variety of weapons, each with differing power and efficiency. The Dragon Bazooka series, encompassing three levels, offers distinct advantages at each tier.
  • Bet Customization:
    Dragon Fishing II enables flexible adjustments to bets, catering to diverse player preferences. With various cannon levels like 1, 2, and 3, players can tailor their bets to match their risk appetite and strategic preferences.

2.Placing Bets and Understanding Paylines

  • Engaging in Dragon Fishing II involves strategically placing bets while considering the game’s paylines. Understanding the relationship between bets and paylines is crucial for maximizing gameplay.
  • Players can explore various betting strategies aligned with their gaming style and risk tolerance to make informed decisions that could potentially yield higher rewards.

3.Selecting Game Rooms

  • Dragon Fishing II offers a diverse gaming environment with multiple room options catering to varying skill levels and player preferences.
  • The game provides two membership types and three room options, accommodating players with different capabilities. Whether opting for the novice or expert area, each room presents a unique experience with tailored challenges and betting ranges suited to player proficiency levels.

This section offers insights into Dragon Fishing II’s intricate mechanics, underscoring the significance of comprehending the game’s dynamics, betting choices, and room selections to ensure an immersive gaming experience aligned with players’ preferences and skill levels.

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Game Features of Dragon Fishing II

Ready to delve into the game features of Dragon Fishing II ? Included Enhanced Shell Power and Quantity, Diverse Gaming Environment, Flexible Membership & Room Choices, and more. Let’s take a closer look at each one!

1.Enhanced Shell Power and Quantity

  • Dragon Fishing II introduces an innovative feature that enhances both the quantity and strength of shells, a standout aspect of the game.
  • This augmentation significantly enhances gameplay dynamics, empowering players with increased firepower to target and catch a diverse array of fish within the underwater realm.
  • Notably, utilizing a level 3 cannon boosts this capability, unveiling an impressive 12x reward multiplier. This encourages strategic weapon choices to maximize gains.

2.Diverse Gaming Environment

  • Dragon Fishing II boasts a diverse gaming environment filled with engaging elements, presenting an array of potent weaponry for players’ fishing endeavors.
  • Featuring 20 distinct fish species, each offering varied odds of up to 300, the game ensures an enthralling experience. Additionally, its online multiplayer support for up to four players enhances social interactions among participants.

3.Flexible Membership and Room Choices

  • Players can opt for two distinct membership types, catering to specific preferences and gaming styles. Additionally, the game provides three unique room options, accommodating players of different expertise levels.
  • The availability of beginner and expert areas, each with customized shooting ranges per bullet, allows players to immerse themselves comfortably based on their skill levels, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable gaming experience.

4.Dragon Bazooka Arsenal

  • The Dragon Bazooka series is a defining feature within Dragon Fishing II, offering players a range of potent weapons.
  • These bazookas, categorized into three levels, provide varying basic multipliers and additional free bullets. Furthermore, achieving hits with a 5x basic multiplier grants access to the Mega Drill, offering the chance to capture fish along a trail path and earn a random 10-20x bet points, intensifying the excitement of the gameplay experience.

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Tips & Tricks To Win Dragon Fishing II

Easily achieve victory in Dragon Fishing II by following our suggested 5 techniques, included Optimizing Weapon Choice, Understanding Shell Enhancement, Mastering Payline Strategies and more.

1.Optimizing Weapon Choice

  • Considering the Dragon Bazooka arsenal previously outlined, make a judicious selection of your cannon. Harness the benefits of higher-level bazookas, notably level 3, to maximize your potential rewards by leveraging their power and additional bullet advantages.

2.Understanding Shell Enhancement

  • Expanding upon the enhanced shell strength discussed earlier, strategically aim at clusters of fish. Utilize the increased shell quantity to capture multiple fish in a single shot, thereby enhancing your chances of securing larger payouts.

3.Mastering Payline Strategies

  • Reflecting on the Paylines section in the “How to play Dragon Fishing II Game,” align your bets meticulously with the game’s paylines. Continuously experiment with diverse betting strategies to identify the most effective approach that resonates with your individual playstyle.

4.Room Selection Tactics

  • As emphasized in the game’s features, make astute choices when selecting your gaming room. The novice area presents lower-risk betting ranges, suitable for practice or cautious gaming. In contrast, the expert zone caters to seasoned players seeking higher stakes and greater rewards.

5.Cooperative Gameplay

  • When engaging in multiplayer mode, synchronize efforts with your team members. Effective communication and collaboration can significantly enhance targeting efficiency and the capture of high-value fish, ultimately amplifying the collective winnings for the entire team.

Best Casino to Play Fa Chai Fishing

Online Casino To Play Dragon Fishing II

Philippines Casino to play JDB Dragons Fishing II is OkBet. Let’s delve into the captivating realm of JDB Dragons Fishing II, available at OkBet Philippinnes Casino—a thrilling fusion of skill, strategy, and the excitement of achieving notable victories.

OkBet Philippines Casino stands out as a premier gaming destination celebrated for its wide array of games. With its user-friendly interface, this esteemed casino offers seamless access to the intricately designed JDB Dragons Fishing II game crafted by JDB.

Committed to providing outstanding entertainment, OkBet Casino cultivates an immersive gaming environment. Here, players can fully engage in the exhilarating gameplay of this immensely popular fish shooting game.



Embark on an exploration of the mesmerizing universe within JDB Dragon Fishing II, where mastering game mechanics, leveraging distinctive features, and adeptly maneuvering through its diverse elements pave the way for triumph.

This game harmonizes skill and chance, presenting myriad avenues for players to achieve success. Whether engaging in varied game modes, utilizing an array of weapons, or seizing bonus chances, JDB Dragon Fishing II offers an immersive journey defined by strategy, accuracy, and a sprinkle of luck.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Discover the auto-shoot feature, diverse weapon selection, and flexible bet adjustments, providing players with strategic depth and precision in the game.

Learn the correlation between bets and paylines, explore various betting strategies, and pick the most suitable gaming room to optimize your gameplay.

Unveil the game’s enhanced shell power, diverse gaming environment, adaptable membership and room choices, and the dynamic Dragon Bazooka arsenal for an immersive gaming experience.

Master weapon selection, understand shell enhancements, hone payline strategies, select gaming rooms wisely, and engage in cooperative gameplay to increase your chances of victory.

OkBet Philippines Casino provides a thrilling platform to explore JDB Dragon Fishing II. It’s a premier gaming destination known for its diverse game collection and an immersive gaming environment.

Enhanced shell strength and quantity, diverse gaming environment, flexible membership and room options, and the powerful Dragon Bazooka arsenal elevate the gaming experience.

Optimize weapon choices, understand shell enhancements, master payline strategies, select gaming rooms wisely, and engage in cooperative multiplayer gameplay.

OkBet offers a user-friendly interface and seamless access to JDB Dragon Fishing II, creating an immersive gaming environment for players seeking an engaging fish shooting game.

Dragon Fishing II blends skill and chance, providing players with various pathways to success through its diverse modes, weapons, and bonus opportunities.

The game offers a mix of strategic gameplay, varied weapons, and occasional opportunities, creating an immersive journey defined by skill, precision, and a hint of luck.

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