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Dragon Tiger Odds Probability and Strategies


Dragon Tiger Odds Probability is a live casino games guide with 96.72% RTP and medium game volatility. Read our review and our expert tips and guide. When it comes to Dragon Tiger, a game akin to Baccarat and Casino War, the odds and strategies play a pivotal role in shaping the gaming experience.

Let’s delve deep into the intricacies of Dragon Tiger odds, variations, and optimal strategies for maximizing your wins.

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Table of Contents

Dragon Tiger Odds Probability: Details & Information

Pay Off Odds
Bet Dragon wins Payoff goes by 1:1. If the value of two cards is equal, you lose half of your bet.
Bet Tiger wins Payoff goes by 1:1. If the value of two cards is equal, you lose half of your bet.
Bet on tie Payoff goes by 1:8
Dragon Odd Payoff goes by 1:0.75
Dragon Even Payoff goes by 1:1.05
Tiger Odd Payoff goes by 1:0.75
Tiger Even Payoff goes by 1:1.05
Dragon Red Payoff goes by 1:0.9
Dragon Black Payoff goes by 1:0.9
Tiger Red Payoff goes by 1:0.9
Tiger Black Payoff goes by 1:0.9

Dragon Tiger Odds Probability: An Overview

Dragon Tiger, gaining popularity in Asia and India, shares similarities with Baccarat and Casino War. Fractional odds, represented as 20/1, serve as a key determinant in calculating the likelihood of winning. Understanding these odds is fundamental to strategizing effectively.

Deciphering Fractional Odds

The fraction 20/1 implies a 5% chance of winning (1 in 20). These fractional odds function as a compass, guiding players through the probabilities within the game. For instance, 4/1 denotes a 25% chance of winning, while 1/1 represents a 50% probability.

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Dragon Tiger Odds Probability: Variations of Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger exhibits diverse variations, each offering unique gameplay elements and odds.

Evolution Dragon Tiger

With an appealing interface and favorable tie payouts of 11:1 and 50:1 for the Suited Tie, this version captivates players seeking an immersive experience.

Ezugi Dragon Tiger

Although similar in layout, Ezugi’s version offers a lower Tie bet payout at 8:1, affecting potential winnings compared to other versions.

Playtech Dragon Tiger

Sporting a darker aesthetic, Playtech’s rendition maintains a tie payout slightly lower than Evolution, standing at 10:1.

XPG Dragon Tiger

This variant introduces an array of side bets, including Odd/Even and Small/Big, boasting a 3:1 payout, expanding players’ betting options.

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Dragon Tiger Odds Probability: Odds Probability

Comprehending the Return to Player (RTP) percentages associated with different bets in Dragon Tiger is vital for informed decision-making.

RTP Breakdown

  • Dragon/Tiger Bet: Offers an RTP of 96.72%
  • Tie Bet: Showcases an RTP of 89.64%
  • Suited Tie: Presents an RTP of 86.02%

Dragon Tiger Odds Probability & Payouts

The payouts and associated probabilities offer a comprehensive view of potential wins and losses within the game.

Main Betting Options

  • Dragon and Tiger bets: Both offer a 1:1 payout, favoring the higher card.
  • Tie bet: Stands at 11:1, potentially rewarding players in specific instances.
  • Suited Tie: Offers a lucrative 50:1 payout, contingent on equal rank and suit.

Odd Explained Dragon Tiger Live Games


Tie Bet: This wager involves predicting that both the Dragon and Tiger hands will hold identical ranks. A successful Tie bet results in an 8:1 payout.

Suited Tie Bet: Certain versions of Dragon Tiger feature an additional bet on a Suited Tie, requiring not just identical ranks but also matching suits between the Dragon and Tiger hands. The payout for a victorious Suited Tie bet is notably higher, typically at 50:1.

Big/Small Bet: This side bet involves predicting whether the winning card will be categorized as Big (8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, or A) or Small (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7). A successful Big/Small bet yields a 1:1 payout.

Odd/Even Bet: Another side bet option allows players to predict whether the winning card will be an Odd or Even number. A triumphant Odd/Even bet results in a 1:1 payout.

It’s crucial to note that specific odds and payouts might differ depending on the casino or the variation of Dragon Tiger being played. Always verify the rules and payouts at the specific table you’re playing at to ensure accurate information.

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Online Casino For Dragon Tiger Odds Probability

OkBet Casino stands out as an ideal platform for experiencing Dragon Tiger’s thrill. With an extensive gaming portfolio and a user-friendly interface, OkBet.com offers an immersive and secure gaming environment. Players can explore various Dragon Tiger versions and enjoy seamless gameplay, complemented by enticing bonuses and promotions.


In the realm of Dragon Tiger, understanding odds, exploring variations, and strategizing efficiently can amplify the gaming experience. Embrace the nuances of the game, leverage optimal strategies, and explore reputable platforms like OkBet Casino to elevate your Dragon Tiger journey to new heights. Happy gaming!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dragon Tiger boasts a 96.72% RTP, offering favorable odds for players engaging in this live casino game.

With a medium game volatility, Dragon Tiger provides a balanced gaming experience, combining elements of risk and reward.

Dragon Tiger shares similarities with Baccarat and Casino War, offering a unique gaming dynamic and strategy.

Fractional odds, like 20/1, aid in calculating the likelihood of winning. For instance, 4/1 implies a 25% chance of winning, while 1/1 signifies a 50% probability.

Variants include Evolution Dragon Tiger, Ezugi Dragon Tiger, Playtech Dragon Tiger, and XPG Dragon Tiger, each offering distinct features and odds.

Main betting options like Dragon and Tiger bets offer a 1:1 payout, whereas the Tie bet stands at 11:1 and the Suited Tie presents a rewarding 50:1 payout.

Odd bets in Dragon Tiger, including Dragon Odd and Tiger Odd, offer specific payouts such as 1:0.75 and are part of the diverse betting options.

Ok4Bet Casino provides an ideal platform with an extensive gaming selection, user-friendly interface, and enticing bonuses for an immersive Dragon Tiger experience.

Players can engage in Big/Small bets predicting card values or Odd/Even bets forecasting number types, each offering a 1:1 payout.

Yes, specific odds and payouts can differ based on the casino or the variant of Dragon Tiger being played. It’s advisable to verify the rules and payouts at the table you’re playing to ensure accuracy.

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