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Introduction to Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Live Casino Game


Discover Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live Games at OkBet Casino: Learn to Play, Win, and Explore Game Features in Our Latest Slot Review. As the world of online gaming evolves, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live Game emerges as a true marvel.

This groundbreaking creation, hosted at OkBet Casino, seamlessly combines live casino excitement with the thrill of slots-style gameplay. Get ready for an unprecedented gaming adventure that offers both entertainment and opportunities for substantial wins.

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Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt: A Unique Gaming Experience

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is far from your typical live game show. It transcends the ordinary by melding live casino energy with the excitement of slots-style gaming. What sets it apart, even more, is the option to immerse yourself in a virtual reality (VR) experience. Let’s delve into the depths of this remarkable game.

Join Gonzo, the charismatic game host, on an epic quest to uncover hidden treasures amidst the breathtaking backdrop of an ancient Incan world. At the heart of this game lies a colossal wall adorned with 70 stones, each harboring hidden fortunes. The real excitement unfolds when you discover that these stones can yield super-sized winnings, with individual stones offering rewards of up to 20,000 times your initial bet.

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Key Features of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

1.Competitive RTP

  • Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is known for its competitive RTP, ranging from 96.35% to 96.56%, depending on your selected treasure stones. This translates to fair opportunities for players to win.

2.Immersive Setting

  • Prepare to be transported into a virtual Incan temple amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Amazon jungle. With this backdrop, Gonzo, donned in his explorer’s attire, adds a touch of entertainment to the proceedings.

3.Special Features

Beyond its visual appeal, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is teeming with special features that promise an exhilarating gaming experience:

  • RTP: An impressive RTP of 96.56% sets the stage for rewarding gameplay.
  • Bonus Prizes: Each stone initially holds a value between 1x and 65x, offering the potential for substantial wins.
  • Multipliers: Multipliers play a pivotal role in determining your potential winnings.
  • Re-Drops: When Gonzo turns the key, more Prize Drops come your way. In fact, you can experience up to 10 Re-Drops.

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How to Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt at OkBet Casino


Discover how to play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt with the guidance provided in our comprehensive guide, including selecting stones & picks, stone types, and the prize drop.

1.Selecting Stones and Picks

  • Your journey kicks off with a wall featuring 70 squares, each concealing a multiplier between x1 and x65. Your mission is to unveil these multipliers by the end of the game round. You can bet on up to six colored stone blocks, each with varying values ranging from 1x to 65x.

2.Stone Types

Understanding the different types of stones and their occurrence is critical for maximizing your chances of success. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Brown Stone: Comes with a x1 multiplier and is present 27 times.
  • Orange Stone: Features a x2 multiplier and appears 20 times.
  • Purple Stone: Offers a x4 multiplier, occurring 12 times.
  • Green Stone: Comes with an x8 multiplier and can be found 7 times.
  • Blue Stone: Boasts a x20 multiplier and is available 3 times.
  • Red Stone: Offers the highest multiplier at x65, with just one occurrence.

3.The Prize Drop

Once the picking phase is over, Gonzo initiates the Price Drop feature. Prizes will slide in on top of the stone wall, ranging between +3 and +100. These prizes drop down into random hidden stones on the wall, with up to 7 prize drops per round. Notably, there are three types of bonuses during the Prize Drop:

  • Bonus Prizes: These contribute to the value of hidden stones, offering between 3 and 100.
  • Multipliers: Multipliers apply to all visible bonus values on the wall, ranging from 2x to 10x.
  • Re-Drop: The Re-Drop symbol triggers a new Prize Drop, allowing for even more bonus prizes and multipliers. Re-Drops can occur up to 10 times, enhancing your winning potential.

5 Tips for Success in Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

Easily achieve victory in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt by following our suggested 5 techniques, encompassing understanding stone types, balancing risk & reward, leveraging multipliers, considering RTP, patience is key.

1. Understanding Stone Types

As you’ve learned in the previous section, the game features different stone types, each with its own multiplier value. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Brown Stone: x1 multiplier (27 times)
  • Orange Stone: x2 multiplier (20 times)
  • Purple Stone: x4 multiplier (12 times)
  • Green Stone: x8 multiplier (7 times)
  • Blue Stone: x20 multiplier (3 times)
  • Red Stone: x65 multiplier (1 time)

By understanding the characteristics of these stone types, you can make informed decisions about which stones to bet on and how much to wager.

2. Balancing Risk and Reward

  • The stones with higher multipliers, such as the Blue and Red Stones, offer the potential for substantial winnings. However, these stones also come with a lower chance of winning. To maximize your chances, consider a mix of stones with various multipliers. Balancing risk and reward is a key strategy to achieve a successful outcome.

3. Leveraging Multipliers

  • Multipliers are a vital aspect of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. Placing bets on stones with higher multipliers can significantly boost your potential winnings. However, it’s important to use these multipliers strategically. Refer to the “Games Features of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt” section for insights into when to aim for the higher multipliers.

4. Considering RTP

  • The game’s RTP, as discussed in the “Games Features of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt” section, can vary based on your stone selections. Make choices based on the specific stones you want to bet on, as the RTP directly impacts your overall success in the game. Be aware that different stones offer different RTP percentages.

5. Patience is Key

  • Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is known for its volatility, where substantial wins are possible, but they may be infrequent. It’s crucial to maintain patience and be prepared for the occasional big win. Don’t be discouraged by initial losses, as the game’s volatility means your fortune can change rapidly. Stay focused and continue to explore the treasures hidden within the stone wall.

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Online Casino To Play Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Live Games

Philippines Casino to play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is OkBet. For an immersive and rewarding experience with Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, we recommend OkBet.com Casino. This renowned online casino offers the ideal platform to enjoy this unique game. With a wide array of live games, including Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, you’ll find ample opportunities for entertainment and winning.


In conclusion, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt offers a captivating gaming experience with its immersive setting, high RTP, and exciting features. Equipped with insights into the game’s mechanics and strategies, you’re now ready to embark on your treasure hunt at OkBet Casino.

With a strong understanding of the game’s mechanics and a carefully devised strategy, you’re poised for success. Select your stones wisely, balance risk and reward, and remember to set a budget to ensure a responsible and enjoyable gaming experience. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is a groundbreaking live game at Ok4Bet Casino that combines the excitement of live casino gaming with the thrill of slots-style gameplay. Hosted by Gonzo, this unique game invites you to embark on a quest to uncover hidden treasures on a massive wall adorned with 70 stones.


  1. What sets Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt apart is its immersive setting, offering a virtual Incan temple in the Amazon jungle. The game also features a competitive RTP ranging from 96.35% to 96.56%, providing players with fair winning opportunities.


  1. Yes, you have the option to enjoy Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in virtual reality (VR) mode, enhancing the gaming experience by immersing yourself in the ancient Incan world.


  1. The game involves selecting stones with multipliers hidden behind them. Key features include competitive RTP, bonus prizes with values ranging from 1x to 65x, multipliers, and the possibility of Re-Drops.


  1. To improve your chances of winning, you can follow these strategies:

    • Understand the different stone types and their multipliers.
    • Balance risk and reward by betting on a mix of stones with various multipliers.
    • Leverage multipliers for higher potential winnings.
    • Consider the RTP, as it varies based on your stone selections.
    • Be patient, as the game can be volatile, and substantial wins may be infrequent.


  1. For an immersive and rewarding experience with Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, we recommend Ok4Bet Casino. This online casino provides a platform to enjoy this unique game along with a wide range of live games.


  1. The game offers a competitive RTP ranging from 96.35% to 96.56%, depending on the treasure stones you choose to bet on. This means you have a fair chance of winning.


  1. Your adventure begins by selecting stones on a wall with 70 squares, each hiding a multiplier. You can bet on up to six colored stone blocks, each with varying values ranging from 1x to 65x. Then, you choose the picks you believe will reveal the multipliers you’ve bet on.


  1. After the picking phase, Gonzo initiates the Price Drop feature. Prizes slide in on top of the stone wall, ranging from +3 to +100, and they drop into random hidden stones on the wall. There are three types of bonuses during the Prize Drop: Bonus Prizes, Multipliers, and Re-Drops.


  1. Yes, it’s important to set a budget and play responsibly. The game can be volatile, so it’s essential to be patient and enjoy the experience, even if there are occasional initial losses. By setting limits and following a strategy, you can ensure an enjoyable gaming experience at Ok4Bet Casino.


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