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Introduction to Fan Tan Live Casino Game


Discover Fan Tan Live Games at OkBet Casino: Learn to Play, Win, and Explore Game Features in Our Latest Slot Review. In our quest to provide you with the ultimate resource on Fan Tan, the captivating Chinese gambling game, we delve into its rich history, diverse variations, game rules, and winning strategies.

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to refine your skills or a novice eager to embark on this exciting journey, our comprehensive guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge needed to excel in Fan Tan.

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Fan Tan: A Glimpse into History

Fan Tan, also known as fantan, is a game of pure chance with deep roots in China. Introduced to the western United States in the 19th century by Chinese immigrants, it has since evolved into an iconic game popular in East Asia.

This captivating game centers around a square layout marked with sides numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4. Players place their bets on these numbers, and the game commences as the banker rings a bell, concluding the betting phase.

The banker proceeds to release a collection of small objects, often coins or beans, covering them with a metal bowl. The outcome hinges on the number of objects remaining, with modern casino versions typically paying winning bets at 4 to 1, minus a 5% commission.

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Diving into Fan Tan Variations

Fan Tan presents players with thrilling variations, primarily involving beads and cards. The bead version is more common and frequently encountered in online casinos. Here, the game begins with the dealer covering a portion of the beads with a cup, usually around 60.

Players eagerly place their bets, and the dealer unveils the beads, counting them in groups of four. In live dealer Fan Tan, the layout mirrors that of sic bo, offering various betting options. Beads or cards are concealed by the dealer, and players place their bets on the outcome.

Once bets are in place, the dealer reveals the beads or cards, counting them out in groups of four. This gameplay harmoniously fuses chance with strategy, delivering an exhilarating experience for all.

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Unveiling Fan Tan Payouts & Odds

As you immerse yourself in this battle of wits with the dealer, you’ll encounter various bet types, each with distinct odds and potential payouts. Here are some common Fan Tan bets:

1.Fan Bet

  • Predict the exact number of beads or cards remaining in the final group. Odds: 3/1.

2.Nim Bet

  • Similar to the Fan Bet but with two numbers, one leading to a win and the other resulting in a push. Odds: 2/1.

3.Kwok Bet

  • Resembling the Nim Bet, but both numbers lead to wins, providing even odds.

4.Nga Tan Bet

  • Involves three numbers, with two leading to wins and one as a push. Odds: 1/2.

5.Sheh-sam-hong Bet

  • Comparable to the Nga Tan Bet, with all three numbers leading to wins. Odds: 1/3.

Fan Tan caters to various betting options, each with its unique charm and odds. Choosing the right strategy can make a significant difference in your gaming experience.

5 Tips for Success in Fan Tan

Easily achieve victory in Fan Tan Live Games by following our suggested 5 techniques, encompassing deep game understanding, strategic betting, bankroll management, pattern recognition, and experiment with strategies.

1. Deep Game Understanding

  • Knowledge is power. Familiarize yourself with the rules, odds, and gameplay intricacies before devising your strategy.

2. Strategic Betting

  • Fan Tan offers diverse betting options, each with its unique odds. Tailor your bets to match your comfort level and risk tolerance.

3. Bankroll Management

  • Effective bankroll management is pivotal. Set a budget and stick to it to avoid chasing losses and ensure a responsible and enjoyable gaming experience.

4. Pattern Recognition

  • Although Fan Tan is primarily a game of chance, observing patterns in the game can be advantageous. Keep an eye on numbers that frequently appear and those that are rare.

5. Experiment with Strategies

  • Fan Tan players have different approaches; some prefer sticking with a single bet type, while others like to diversify. Experimenting with various strategies helps you discover what works best for you.

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Online Casino To Play Fan Tan Live Games

OkBet is the favored casino for indulging in Fan Tan Live Games. For an authentic and thrilling Fan Tan experience, we recommend OkBet Casino. This renowned casino is dedicated to providing players with an exceptional gaming atmosphere.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to Fan Tan, Superace88 Casino offers tables suitable for all skill levels, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience.


In conclusion, Fan Tan is more than just a game; it’s a captivating blend of chance and strategy that appeals to both newcomers and seasoned gamblers. With the right knowledge and strategies, Fan Tan transforms from a simple game into an exhilarating journey of skill and anticipation.

Whether you’re intrigued by its rich history or the modern online casino versions, Fan Tan offers a unique gambling experience, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation. Dive into the world of Fan Tan and unleash the thrill of this classic casino game.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Fan Tan, also known as fantan, is a Chinese gambling game rooted in history. It distinguishes itself by being a game of pure chance and is often compared to roulette, offering a unique and exciting experience.
  • Fan Tan in online casinos is predominantly played with beads. The game begins with a dealer covering some beads with a cup, and players place bets on the outcome. The dealer then reveals the beads and counts them in groups of four, determining the winning results.
  • Fan Tan offers exciting variations involving beads and cards. The bead version is more commonly found in online casinos, providing players with an accessible and thrilling gaming experience.
  • Certainly! There are several types of Fan Tan bets, including Fan Bet, Nim Bet, Kwok Bet, Nga Tan Bet, and Sheh-sam-hong Bet. Each bet type has its odds, enhancing the diversity of wagering options in the game.
  • To increase your likelihood of winning, it’s essential to deepen your understanding of the game, manage your bankroll effectively, and be strategic with your betting choices. Pattern recognition and experimenting with various strategies can also enhance your gameplay.
  • You can enjoy Fan Tan at various online casinos. We recommend Ok4Bet Casino for an authentic and thrilling Fan Tan experience. Their dedication to providing players with an exceptional gaming atmosphere sets them apart.
  • Fan Tan has deep roots in China and was introduced to the western United States by Chinese immigrants in the 19th century. It has since evolved into an iconic game, especially popular in East Asia, and found its place in modern online casinos.
  • Fan Tan typically has low game volatility, providing players with regular wins. The game’s return-to-player (RTP) ranges from 96.25% to 98.75%, ensuring a fair and engaging gaming experience.
  • Fan Tan’s combination of pure chance and strategy makes it appealing to a wide audience. Beginners can quickly grasp its rules, while seasoned players can develop intricate strategies, ensuring a rewarding experience for all.
  • Fan Tan embraces its rich historical roots while being readily accessible in online casinos, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. It offers players a unique and exciting gambling experience, appealing to those seeking a touch of nostalgia and newcomers eager for modern gameplay.

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