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Introduction to Side Bet City Live Game


Side Bet City is live casino games, with 96.29% RTP and medium game volatility. Learn how to play with Professional guide to win. In the world of live dealer games, Side Bet City Gaming stands tall, and one of its most exciting offerings is the vibrant and straightforward Side Bet City.

Transporting players to the electric ambiance of a 1980s Las Vegas casino, this poker-based game encapsulates the thrill of the era. If you’ve dabbled in online live dealer games like Casino Hold’em or Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Side Bet City is sure to captivate you with its familiar yet exhilarating gameplay.

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Table of Contents

Side Bet City Live Game Details & Information

Winning Hand3 Card Hand5 Card Hand7 Card Hand
Royal Flush100:11000:1500:1
Straight Flush40:1250:1100:1
Four of a Kind100:150:1
Full House50:17:1
Three of a Kind35:17:13:1
Two Pairs4:1
Pair JJ-AA1:1
Any Pair1:1
All Lose pays 0.70:1

Introduction to Side Bet City

OkBet Gaming’s Side Bet City unfolds within a captivating Las Vegas-style studio, reminiscent of the glamorous casinos of yesteryears. It’s a game rooted in simplicity: the dealer deals three cards, followed by two more to form a five-card hand, and finally, two additional cards to complete a seven-card hand.

Understanding the Gameplay

The essence of Side Bet City lies in its simplicity. A standard 52-card deck is shuffled after each round, and players place bets on various outcomes:

  • 3-card hand: Betting on the result from the first 3 cards dealt.
  • 5-card hand: Wagering on the outcome from the first 5 cards dealt.
  • 7-card hand: Betting on the best 5-card hand from all 7 cards dealt.
  • All Lose: Betting that there will be no winning hand.

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Exploring the Thrills: Rules and Strategies

Deciphering the Odds and Payouts

The allure of Side Bet City lies in its enticing payouts:

  • 3-Card Hand Odds: With an RTP of 96.69%, this bet offers various winning combinations with corresponding payouts, ranging from 100:1 for a Royal Flush to 1:1 for a Pair.
  • 5-Card Hand Odds: An RTP of 95.21% accompanies this bet, providing substantial payouts such as 1000:1 for a Royal Flush and 40:1 for a standard Flush.
  • 7-Card Hand Odds: While maintaining the thrill, this bet offers an RTP of 94.34%, featuring rewarding odds like 500:1 for a Royal Flush and 7:1 for a Full House.
  • All Lose: This bet, with an RTP of 96.29%, presents a unique opportunity by betting against any winning hand.

Crafting a Winning Strategy

Side Bet City offers a straightforward yet engaging gameplay experience. While luck plays a significant role, strategic choices can enhance your odds:

  • Leverage RTPs: Understanding the Return to Player percentages can guide your betting choices. The 3-Card Hand and All Lose bets boast higher RTPs, maximizing your potential for extended play.
  • Balancing Risks: Assess the risk-reward ratio; opt for bets offering higher payouts while balancing the odds.
  • Extended Play: To prolong the gaming thrill, consider alternating between bets with higher RTPs and those with bigger prizes.

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5 Tips for Success in Side Bet City Live Game

Easily achieve victory in Side Bet City Live Game by following our suggested 5 techniques, encompassing grasping the initial game features, mastering inside betting strategies, implementing proven tactics from previous sections, and strategic adaptation of betting strategies during live gameplay.

1. Grasping the Initial Game Features

  • Reviewing the comprehensive overview of the game’s attributes previously discussed, offering insights into the game’s mechanics, the variety of available betting options, and the distinctive elements that define Side Bet City.

2. Mastering Inside Betting Strategies

  • Harnessing the Potential of Straight Bets: Delve deeper into the possibilities of significant returns through straight bets placed on individual numbers, promising a lucrative 35:1 payout.
  • Utilizing Split Betting Tactics: Highlighting the strategic advantages and the appealing 17:1 payout associated with split bets placed on neighboring numbers.
  • Insight into Street and Corner Bets: Explaining the attraction of these specific betting choices, featuring 11:1 and 8:1 payouts respectively, and their potential impact on the gameplay experience.3. Exploring Effective Outside Betting Strategies
  • Efficiency of Column and Dozen Bets: Elaborating on the rationale behind these bets, offering a 2:1 payout, and their potential contribution to a player’s strategic approach.
  • Maximizing Even Money Bets: Discussing the reliability and prevalence of these bets, offering a 1:1 payout, and their role within a player’s comprehensive betting strategy.

4. Implementing Proven Tactics from Previous Sections

  • Drawing from a Variety of Successful Strategies from Earlier: Utilizing a range of winning strategies previously outlined, such as the Martingale, Reverse Martingale, Fibonacci, James Bond, and All-In betting strategies. Emphasizing their relevance and application in the context of live gaming scenarios.

5. Strategic Adaptation of Betting Strategies During Live Gameplay

  • Observation and Strategic Adjustment: Highlighting the crucial significance of observing real-time trends during gameplay and adapting betting strategies to optimize outcomes.
    Balancing Risk and Reward: Encouraging players to identify a comfortable equilibrium between conservative and high-risk strategies based on their individual bankroll and gaming preferences.

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Online Casino To Play Side Bet City Live Game

Philippines Casino to play Side Bet City Live Game is OkBet. For an immersive Side Bet City experience, OkBet Casino stands out as an ideal destination. With a diverse gaming portfolio and an intuitive interface, OkBet.com Casino offers a seamless platform to explore the excitement of Side Bet City.


Side Bet City by Evolution Gaming is a captivating blend of simplicity and thrill, beckoning players into a world of exciting possibilities. Understanding the nuances of its gameplay, deciphering odds, and making strategic choices can elevate the gaming experience.

With platforms like OkBet Casino offering an ideal setting to explore this exhilarating game, the journey through Side Bet City promises an enthralling ride for gaming aficionados.

Best Casino Bonus for Side Bet City Live Game


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Side Bet City is a live casino game with a 96.29% RTP and medium volatility, offering a vibrant and straightforward gaming experience. It stands out for transporting players to the electric ambiance of a 1980s Las Vegas casino.

The game involves the dealer dealing three cards, then two more to create a five-card hand, and finally, two additional cards to complete a seven-card hand. Players bet on various outcomes: 3-card hand, 5-card hand, 7-card hand, or bet on no winning hand (All Lose).

Various winning combinations in Side Bet City offer different payouts, ranging from 100:1 for a Royal Flush to 1:1 for a Pair, depending on the type of hand (3-card, 5-card, or 7-card) achieved.

Strategies like leveraging RTPs (Return to Player percentages), balancing risks by opting for higher payout bets, and alternating between higher RTP and bigger prize bets can elevate a player’s odds.

Inside betting strategies include harnessing straight bets on individual numbers (35:1 payout), utilizing split betting tactics (17:1 payout), and understanding street and corner bets (11:1 and 8:1 payouts).

Yes, outside betting strategies encompass efficiency in column and dozen bets (2:1 payout) and maximizing even money bets (1:1 payout), contributing to a player’s comprehensive betting approach.

Absolutely, various strategies like Martingale, Reverse Martingale, Fibonacci, James Bond, and All-In betting strategies can be relevant and applicable in the live gaming context of Side Bet City.

It’s essential to observe real-time trends and adapt betting strategies accordingly to optimize outcomes. Balancing risk and reward based on individual preferences is also vital.

Ok4Bet Casino stands out as an immersive platform for Side Bet City, offering a diverse gaming portfolio, intuitive interface, enticing bonuses, and a secure gaming environment.

The game blends simplicity and excitement, offering a world of possibilities. Understanding gameplay nuances and strategic choices can greatly enhance the gaming experience, especially when exploring it on platforms like Ok4Bet Casino.

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